Woodland Hills Rock Chippers, Inc.


We participate in several community projects to promote our organization and to carry out our mission to educate the public in the lapidary arts.

We have programs designed to coordinate with the Los Angeles School District curricula for elementary grades on "Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks" and "Fossils". These programs are brought to the schools by our club member volunteers who share their expertise with the children. We have hands-on exhibits for each of these programs where the children can experience examples discussed in the programs. To inquire or schedule a visit please email the club for specific presentation information.

2nd Grade Class

2nd Grade Class at Chatsworth Hills Academy - Introducing Rock Types and Fossils

Our members share their work and interests by placing exhibits at several types of venues. We offer educational exhibits for our local public libraries and community events. Our society participates as an exhibitor at many local gem and mineral club shows.

Society Show Case

Showcase Display at Culver City Society Show 2018

Our members participate at the Chatsworth Historical Society sponsored Pioneer Day held the first Sunday in October at the Homestead Acres in  Chatsworth Park South. We bring lapidary equipment and demonstrators who share how we do our lapidary arts.

Booth photo

2018 Pioneer Day Booth

For more information use our Contact form: Attn: Outreach Chairman

School or Group Presentations

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We adjust the content of our presentations according to the age of the students or group members. We bring many rocks that the participants are able to touch and inspect so we need trables that the partiicipants can tour. The presentation can be customized to meet the time available. We prefer several weeks notice for scheduling a visit. Our service area is the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, but nearby areas of Ventura County may be suitable.


Showcase Display

Members of our Society volunteer as a group to put together our showcase from items on loan from many of the member's collections.

Each year we set a theme for the display.The showcase for 2018 had the theme "A World of Gems - We Collect Everywhere" Items were included from all the continents exxcept Artica - we had bone from Alaska, minerals from Siberia and petrified wood from Antarctica.

The theme for 2019 is "Rough and Ready". Our putpose is to show rocks and minerals in their rough form and then the same material cut, polished and ready to be used in a finished display or piece of jewelry.

Watch for our showcase at the Ventura Societys' show in March, the Conejo Society's show in April, Culver City Society's show in June, Ventura County Fair in July & August, Chatsworth Public Library in September, our Gem Show in October snd the Oxnard Society's show in November. More information on our show is on the Anual Show page.



 Historical Society  Pioneer Day

On Hold


Our members have many talents and share how these are used for Lapidary work. Rough rocks are shaped into stones for jewelry using grinding, sanding and polishing wheels on our Pixie machine. Adiamond bladed trim saw is used to cut open small geodes to show the crystals or agate inside. Other members share making jewelry from wire, without the use off solder. We enjoy being part of Pioneer Day each year.