Field Trips

Date: 4/22/17

CASTEL BUTTE is So Cal's Rockhound central. On this trip you can find
Jasper, Agate, Opalite, Chalcedony, Petrified Wood and Palm!
The recent rains should make for great finds but some digging may be
To get there take the 14 Fwy north towards Lancaster. When you reach the
town of Mojave (North Edwards) take the 58 Fwy East about 18 miles to
Clay Mine Road. Exit there and go left over the freeway. Continue straight
about 1/2 mile - you'll see a liquor store/restaurant on the left.
We will be meeting in the parking lot around the big tree. Look for my
copper color Ford F-150 and the WHRC FIELD TRIP SIGN PLEASE. Be
there no later than 9am so the whole bunch is not waiting for you!
You will NEED to bring: water, lunch and snacks, sturdy shoes, warm and
cool clothes, hat and gloves. There are NO restrooms so bring your personal
Helpful items that you should bring" hammer, pry-bar, small shovel and a
bucket to carry out all your new treasures. A squirt bottle is also helpful.
Any questions please don't hesitate to call me at (818) 515-7528 or
(818) 894 3114 or email me at

Below are reviews of several field trips we had in the past.

Trip  to the UCLA Meteorite Exhibit

  In the month of May, 2014, we took a field trip to UCLA to see their meteorite museum.  Wow, what a really nice collection to see.   The club members who went to see it were Dave and Jean Buetow, Gary and Maureen Levitt and Larry and Barbara Bradbury.  We all had a very nice time and learned a lot from the college tour guides on the different types of meteorites and where they are from. The club members who have not gone there to see it yet need to.  It is worth your while.   They had all different types from all over the world.  There were stony meteorites, stony iron and nickel irons in all different sizes.  The largest  they had was a nickel iron of over 300 pounds from Meteor Crater in Arizona.  They told us in a couple more months they will have one over 800 pounds - lucky them!   They told us that most of our meteorites come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and the other small percentage come from the moon and Mars.   Larry Bradbury 

Field Trip to the Sierra Pelona Claim

On May 2, 2014 society members went to the Sierra Pelona Claim to collect travertine (onyx).  Attendees:  Gary and Maureen Levitt, Larry Bradbury; Juliet Manglicmot and her husband, Anita Niles and Kathy Nelson.  Kathy took photos for us to share.

Claims MarkerGroup checking site                     Claim Marker and The group checking site for best digging location.

Kathy and Barb comparing stonesMaureen and Gary                            Juliet and husband checking what they have so far.  Anita and Gary - keeping cool in the shade.

Picnic timeMore picnic

Break for food and water?  Also to compare stones.

LizzardDesert resident lizzard.  He posed for Kathy.


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