Woodland Hills Rock Chippers, Inc.

Our Fundraising Activities

Every organization has expenses and we are no different. We raise funds for our activities throughout the year.


During our monthly general meetings we hold raffles preented by our Ways and Means Chairman. PrIzes for these radffles are from donations made by members or friends of our society. They often include jewelry or mineral items, sometimes even tools. You must be present to win at these raffles.

Silent AuctionSilent Auctions

Annually we have two silent auction events as programs at our general meetings and a major auction at our annual Gem Show. Lapidary related items are donated by members for the benefit of the society treasury. These are typically auctions where slips of paper are placed with each item, and participants write their bids and name. The length of time for bidding is determined by the Ways and Means Chairman. When the time period is over, all bidding stops and the final, largest bid on an item determines the winner - and the proceeds are given to the Treasurer for our general fund. These are exciting evenings.


When community families dispose of their departed member's collection we are often contacted. Many of our shop equipment pieces were donated from those estate disposals. Of course monitary donations are always appreciated. Because we are a 501c3 non-profit corporation these donations are tax deductable with proper documentation.

Gem Show Prize Raffle

At our annual Gem Show we hold a Prize Raffle. Tickets are available from members or at the door at the show. There is a cash first prize and many other lapidary related items. Money raised from this raffle goes into our general fund.We have a photo gallery of this year's prizes on a sepaate page.

To go to the Prize Gallery click HERE.