Woodland Hills Rock Chippers, Inc.


Little Chippers - FRA Program for Youth

Our Little Chippers program for young people, Future Rockhounds of America, is sponsored by the American Federation of Mineral Societies. Badges are earned for various aspects of the Lapidary Arts including collecting and identifying rocks and minerals. Young People whose parents are members are eligible to join. Meetings are scheduled monthly at times that fit into the youth's availability.

Currently these meetings are held at the advisor's home in Chatsworth on the first Sunday of the month from 9:30 to 11:30am. A parent or guarddian is required to attend with their child. Guests are welcome. Contact the advisor at the email below for directions.

Each meeting consists of a discussion of the activities required for completion of the current badge of interest as well or a craft project. The level of requirements for each badge is adjusted to the age and ability of the youth involved. Field trips or other activities are included when required by the different badges. Scheduled meetings are listed in the Calendar link on this web site.

Girls at games booth at 2018 WHRC Gem Show

The Little Chippers participated at the October 2018 WHRC Gem Show mannning the games table.

Badge Program

There is extensive information on the badge program on the AFMS/FRA link below.

AFMS Merit Badge Program

Since we initiated this program we have issued over 200 badges to our Little Chippers. Twelve have earned Rockhound Badges and one has earned the Rock Star Pin for completing all 20 badges.

Current Badge Work

Individual Little Chippers are working at home on their badge programs until further notice.