Woodland Hills Rock Chippers, Inc.

Officers, Board and Chairmen


Any active adult member in good standing may run for office with one restriction. To run for the offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer or Corporate Administrator the member must have served on term as a Director.

Corporate and Executive Committee meetings

We have an annual Corporate Meeting early in January of each year. At that time the Executive Committee is appointed. to handle daily business. Our Executive Committee meets monthly to take any action needed to keep our society moving forward.

                                                                                                2022 Team

Elected Board Members
President Sagi Salomon Director Larry Bradbury
Secretary Paty Mejorado Director Gene Berwager
Treasurer Barbara Bradbury Director Lillian Berwager
Corporate Admin. Debbie Hirlinger Director Shanna O'Brien
  Director John O'Brien
Appointed Chairmanships
Auditor Virginia Rotramel Outreach Displays Thalia Goldsworthy
Bulletin Editor John O'Brien Membership Virginia Rotramel
Classes Thalia Goldsworthy Parliamentarian Open
Courtesy/Hospitality Lillian Berwager Programs Committee
Custodian Open Publicity Committee
Community Outreach Thalia Goldsworthy Refreshments Open
Federation Director Gary Levitt Shop Anita Niles, Pat Keene
Alt. Federation Director Maureen Levitt Club Show Chair Sagi Salomon
Field Trips Committee Asst. Show Chair Open
FRA - Little Chippers Thalia Goldsworthy Ways and Means Open
Historian Gene Berwager Webmaster John O'Brien
Librarian Shanna O'Brien